Welcome to A Pinch of Salt

2 Nov

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Welcome to A Pinch of Salt. A life, wedding and love celebration style resource. This blog came into being because as a bride-to-be, I struggled to find independent ideas, suggestions and solutions to my unique and independent style and personality. I found Bridal magazines and expos offered a ‘factory’ solution to what I desired to be a reflective celebration of our union. In my opinion, any celebration linked to your life should resemble your values and individual sense of style. This blog aims to empower and present the conscious celebrator with inspiration, solutions, ideas and alternatives that reflect the celebrated. As a resource to bride’s maids, event coordinators, photographers, brides-to-be and anyone interested in celebrating life, this blog is a community of like minded thinkers.  Please feel free to air your thoughts and suggestions on any of the discussion topics and features. Our aim is to find solutions to represent your unique style.

A Pinch of Salt focuses on the marriage that ensues the wedding day. By keeping your marriage as the focus, decisions and priorities are crystalised and made easier to deal with. Once the marriage has been made a priority, you realise that your wonderful wedding day will be a success as long as you end up married to your best friend.

This community will share the frustrations and joys experienced in relationships in and around marriage in the hopes of shedding light on the solutions and instruments to resolve and negotiate with, through the journey.  Our hope is to be a resource for anything between relationship building, wedding decisions (catering, photography etc), and marriage itself.

Join us on a journey of self discovery, realisation and expression through our relationships, weddings and marriages.


What are your thoughts?

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