The Anxiety of Wedding Planning

15 Nov

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A lot of the anxiety and pressure that comes with planning a wedding is what you have been taught you “need” to do for your wedding to be a “success”. This blog is a resource to support you in your resolve to celebrate your union in a fashion true to you. Your wedding need not be filled with elements and traditions that make no sense to you. You are a unique individual with a special outlook. You are absolutely entitled to, as put by Frank Sinatra, ‘do it your way’. We agree with you that you are a fully capable independent thinker that has a style which should be reflected in your way of life.

A little research and effort to find the right elements for you, really pays off.  Information is king. First port of call is to ascertain what objectives you and your partner have. What are you hoping to achieve? Apart from the result of marriage 🙂 what for you would constitute a successful wedding? Would your extended family be in attendance? Would you like it to be a destination wedding? Is the food most important to you? We will hear from brides on this forum that share their personal experiences and what they found to have been the most important and memorable aspects of their weddings. We will have more on that in up coming posts.

Once a picture of the core priorities have emerged, call around and get yourselves quotes from vendors you would like to use. Depending on a few factors, time may be a precious commodity with which to be active. Ask for referrals; find out what past brides found to be their experiences. Visit this blog to learn about your options. Gather your information and be empowered to make the right decisions for you, your priorities, wishes and situation.

Your comments, questions and suggestions are most welcome as we extend an invitation to become a part of our community.


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