Economical Alternatives – Guest Numbers

17 Nov

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You do not have to blow the bank on your wedding DAY.

This is a community that shares your opinion that your wedding need not set you back a small fortune if you do not want it to. We will spend time delving into money-saving options that rise up to the occasion without costing you any sleep. In this first post of our economical alternatives feature, we will be looking into budget options and what you can do should you choose to be economical in your choices regarding the number of guests that attend your wedding.

A lot can be said for the values and perks of cutting your guest numbers down, amongst them intimacy and a reduced overall cost. Most caterers charge per head, so the more people you have in attendance at your wedding, the more you will pay. A way around this, should your concern be leaving people out, is to organize separate “celebrations”. You could get married and celebrate with a small immediate few and throw a larger more cost-effective shindig at a later stage. You could also get married in the morning have an immediate celebratory breakfast followed by an informal party attended by anyone and everyone you please.

An option I do not believe is explored enough is elopement. To elope is traditionally to secretly ‘run’ off and marry. The secrecy of it makes out that there is something wrong with it but there is no reason to keep it secret if you choose not to. Consider organising a photographer, marrying the love of your life with two witnesses, getting on a plane and enjoying a two week holiday at a remote location where you only know each other. *Bliss*.

An absolutely viable option is also what the USA refers to as a ‘courthouse’ wedding followed by a meal at a restaurant attended by your family and friends. In this example you would set up an appointment with the Department of Home Affairs to legally marry your beloved before an official marriage officer. You would need two witnesses, copies of your IDs, and the first appointment of the day (to avoid queues). A light celebratory tea with cake could be followed at a residence or coffee shop with loved ones.

Ultimately, if you are ready for marriage but the only obstacle you see is a wedding budget, do some research, ask us questions, make a plan and make your dreams come true.


What are your thoughts?

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