Choosing Wedding Vendors

22 Nov

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Whilst price is usually high on the list of determining factors, a trusted partner in your vision and priorities will go a long way in the enjoyment of your wedding day. A chosen vendor should be one that can pull the day off and take care of any and everything in your absence and present a beautifully delivered wedding day.

As far as what vendors you need, your requirements may differ slightly from the next person. You ascertain your vendor requirements once you have answered fundamental questions about your celebration. A great way to get started is to prepare a vision / mood board of how you would like your celebration to look / feel. Think about the sort of setting you would like. Consider what is important to you with regards to elements you would like to bring in. How you would like to incorporate different elements such as formality, program, food, traditions, seating, photography etc. Are you interested in a church ceremony or a beach setting for ceremony and reception or are you going to make it official before a private audience of immediate family before dancing the night away at a dinner party for 200.

Once you have decided on the fundamental elements of your celebration, you then should think about how to go about achieving your vision.  Think about your community and the people in it that could assist with any chosen elements. You may have a family member that is a priest, a cousin that is a florist or a photographer friend. Speak honestly to whomever you find in your immediate circle about your desires and find out if they would be able contribute to your celebration in a manner you are both comfortable with. Your florist cousin may assist you in choosing; sourcing and purchasing cost effective flowers that are in season and may even arrange them for the celebration at a reasonable price. Your photographer friend may be able to refer you to a photography school that has a high caliber of students eager to participate in their passion for a fraction of the cost a seasoned photographer may charge.

Once you have taken a look at the resources at hand, the remainder of your vendor list may be selected from referrals and work you’ve seen and liked. Do not compromise on the like-ability of your chosen vendors. The most important element to bear in mind when choosing a vendor is your ability to communicate with and be understood by them. You must trust that your day and vision is safe in their capable hands because you do not want to be worrying about anything. The point is to enjoy your celebration.


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