Forewarned and Forearmed

24 Nov

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Whilst your wedding decisions are yours to make, no man is an island. Friends and family have seen you grow and have participated in your life for better or worse. They may have their own ideas about how your wedding will go and which elements to incorporate. Be prepared for the wedding-voices. The wedding-voices are the traditional ideas about weddings and the details that must be included in order to have a real wedding. Wedding-voices are often well-meaning and are merely conveying their understanding of the process. My suggestion to you, is to, in your own space, decide who you and your partner are. Visualise the way you would like to celebrate your union in true-you style. List your nearest and dearest who’s opinion influences you most, and you most value. Discuss and describe your vision and reasons for your celebration and have it out with them about what to expect from the process and day. Let the conversation happen first before the planning begins. The last thing you want is to be ‘bullied’ into decisions and choices that do not represent your initial wishes as a result of emotions, misunderstanding and miscommunication. Discussing the planning process and type of celebration alleviates future stress caused by expectations that were not communicated. Approach the discussion with an open and mindful perspective that you may be met with resistance born from what your loved ones deem a wedding to be. There is a middle ground that the discussion should reach, somewhere between your ideals and the comfort levels of your loved ones. In the end, people that love us want the best of and for us.


What are your thoughts?

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