What should you consider for your guests when planning a wedding?

25 Nov

Image from stylemepretty.com

If you are inviting guest to witness or celebrate your union with you, the following should be considered:

  1. Do your best to start on time –

As with everything else, it is your wedding and if something goes wrong with your timing that results in a delay, your wedding day is not ruined. Please do, however make sure that you or lack of planning and/ or preparation are not the reason for making your guests wait. Make sure you plan accordingly. The make-up artist may need a certain amount of time as will the hairdresser and any other preparations you are getting done on the day. Keep in mind the time it will take you to get ready.

  1. Consider the majority of the special guests you would really like to attend –

Whilst it is absolutely your wedding day, if you would like to share it with your nearest and dearest, a consideration of their availability and ability to get to your celebration will go a long way in having them attend with ease. If you would like a destination wedding but know your best friends and family members would be hard-pressed to afford such a trip, you could plan to post-pone your wedding to a time they could’ve saved for the trip or find an alternative venue that will meet both yours and your guests budget constraints.

  1. Provide a comfortable location –

Your guests shouldn’t mind where or how you get hitched, as long they are comfortable and are able to enjoy the event without worrying about their basic needs. If you would like the guests to remain standing for the duration of any aspect of the celebration, make sure you keep that particular sequence short. If you are hosting a picnic celebration in winter, consider having it during the day or indoors.

  1. Be mindful of the time of day you are hosting your celebration and see if you can plan to keep your guests from experiencing any pangs of hunger –

If your marriage ceremony starts between breakfast and lunch times, organize a snack to carry people through to their next meal, which might only be after the photographs and speeches are done.

  1. Get your invitations out in time –

If you are planning a celebration away from home or plan on inviting out-of-town guests, consider the plans your guests may need to make in order to attend your celebration. Things like flights, accommodation, are best booked in advance

As long as your guests are warm, fed and considered, they will be happy to have shared your special day with you.


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