Be You

10 Jan

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A Pinch of Salt (APOS) is a very special labour of love for me because I was empowered by the self-knowledge with which I approached dating my now husband, getting engaged to him, planning the celebration of our marriage and now our actual marriage. It is my belief that knowing “who” and “what you’re dealing” with is an invaluable tool in the navigation of life. Self awareness affords you the basis from which to make decisions best suited to your individuality. It is a solid foundation from which to proceed and build.

Things are not perfect no matter what you’re faced with, but knowing who you are and what you are about makes things a whole lot easier. In the context of weddings, you may be bombarded with images, ideas, suggestions and even wishes, that may overwhelm you. Although well-meaning, friends and advisors may end up deterring you from what you know to be true for you. Do not allow this to happen. Be aware that good intentions aside, it is your wedding day / marriage. It is a reflection of you and your union. It will be your experience and memory that you celebrate every year. Weddings can certainly be about community, family and friends, but my point is that you don’t have to exclude your own voice to have that be so. Most importantly, keep true to that voice because it is your wedding and marriage after all.


What are your thoughts?

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