A Matter of Principled Priorities

17 Jan

Image from betweeneachsmile.tumblr.com

Beautiful weddings need not cost you your life’s savings or plunge you into debt. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on a wedding day if it is in line with your values. It is however not necessary to do so if your values are not in line with this practice. The issue does not always lie in whether or not you have the money but rather in how you are comfortable spending your life.

Expressing your desired wedding day budget is sometimes met with confusion and apprehension. This is because people rightfully view marriage as a big deal and by extension; the day you get married is expected to be a lavish celebration. A thought on this belief – one does not have to spend a small fortune to have a beautiful and complete wedding. There are ways and means to achieve your desires within a set budget. Whether or not you have the money to spend is not the point of discussion here. What you spend on your wedding does not necessarily depend on your wallet and sometimes it does. Whatever your reason, it is a valid choice and you have a marvelous affair ahead of you. My husband and I decided on a budget we were comfortable with after taking into consideration a property we wanted to purchase as well as a trip to Thailand we were planning. Because of our planning and prioritizing, we were able to have a memorable marriage celebration, buy a house and take a trip to Thailand.

You might encounter confusion and even dismay at your very valid choice – forewarned is fore-armed. If this is the case in your situation, here are a few tools to deal with what we’ve dubbed the “wedding-voices”:

a) Outline your apprehension and explain to your family/friends what you would rather put the money towards. Explain that for you and your partner, a deposit on a property or a memorable trip would serve you better than a hefty bar tab.

b) Express that the budget and vision you have is a result of what you are comfortable with because anything other than that would not be reflective of you. Offer up understanding of their position, but firmly express your decision is made. Appeal to them for their support so as to move forward towards the celebration.

There are many fabulous ideas you can explore and incorporate to make your celebration a memorable one without compromising your budget. We look forward to sharing all this and more on this platform.


One Response to “A Matter of Principled Priorities”

  1. Thobile Tops Mkhwanazi Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    “Because of our planning and prioritizing, we were able to have a memorable marriage celebration, buy a house and take a trip to Thailand”.) ~ Priceless Priceless Priceless!!!

    I think ‘A Matter of Principled Priorities’ comes down to one’s measure and meaning of quality as well. Quality vs Quantity! Highlighting that one should never confuse a big budget, cost of a wedding to quality

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