Do It Right

31 Jan

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Because we would like you to do it right, we strive to empower you with what we would have liked to have been told about weddings and marriage. It is not the end of the world if you do not enjoy your wedding. We would just like to lessen the chances of that happening. By being fore-warned, we believe you are better positioned to make decisions that  you will be proud of when you re-live the day and marriage years down the line.

Most important is marrying the right person. Is the partner you are planning to build your life with someone you are proud to have connected to you for the rest of your earthly existence? Should you choose to have children, would you comfortably entrust the raising of your off-spring to this individual?  Do you respect him/her and is your life enhanced by their presence?

 Making informed decisions allows you space to breathe and in any event, gives you the opportunity to look back no matter the outcome, and know you did the absolute best you could. That is a life well lived. A life with no regrets and only memories, love and lessons.


What are your thoughts?

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