Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

3 Feb

Part of the fun of having your girlfriends partake in your marriage celebration is getting to dress up with them. Today we have a few dresses to get your creativity flowing. Be sure to run these by your bridesmaids, they’ll have to look comfortable and happy in them all wedding long 🙂

Image from







The light yellow colour of these dresses is very pretty. The cut would suite most people and the difference between the top and bottom material is a very nice characteristic.

Image from












I love that the above dresses are all different patterns but generally the same length.

Image from












Yellow + Lace = Gorgeous

Image from PerfectBound via Mishka Designs












These are my favourite. I think grey brings such a wonderful element. It’s a colour definitely worth considering.

Image from









How cool are THESE?!?! I LOVE the individualised top ‘sash’ type detailing. FUN.

Image from

Image from












The above colours pop.

Image from












Grey is fabulous and would go well with any accent colour or by itself. Have fun with it and include your bridesmaids in the process and decision-making. The last thing you want is an unhappy entourage.


What are your thoughts?

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