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7 Feb

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Dear POSers (Pinch Of Salters)

I know it is one thing to set a comfortable budget for yourselves to work with to create the wedding day celebration fit for your marriage. It is quite another to go about achieving said budget. That is where we come in. Check in with us regularly and connect with us by sending questions via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail or Comments.

Todays focus is venue hire. The venue is generally the first box you’ll have to tick, followed by a photographer (more on photography soon). Irrespective of where your marriage celebration will be held, make sure your venue is booked and secured for you so as to confirm everything else like invitations.

Right, so where do you go to ensure a beautiful venue that not only reflects your tastes, but also encompasses your vision and fits snugly with your budget? There are a few options. A one-stop venue should always work out more cost-effective because you are not required to do any heavy hiring of the essentials e.g. chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery. The challenge with some venues is that they are rather “cookie-cutter”, meaning the space doesn’t really lend itself to individualising the styling. This is where visiting the venues pays off. You’ll have to invest in some time going to each possible venue with the intention to walk through the space visualising your wishes and end product. You should feel comfortable in the space and be able to see how it fits in with the feel you are setting out to achieve.

Look into restaurants, cafes, art museums, coffee shops, and spaces you would not have considered traditional wedding venues. Find out if they hire the venue out for private functions. Sometimes, venues accommodate private functions on days that they are otherwise closed to the general public. Having an open mind about the week day in which you have your wedding will work in your favour. In most cases, electing to have your wedding on a day that isn’t a Saturday, results in favourable prices for services. If a working week day or night is too inconceivable for you, try a Friday or Sunday. Also, look out for long weekends you could take advantage of.

A Friday afternoon / evening wedding would be a great start to a weekend and a delightful Sunday brunch celebration would compliment the start of a new week beautifully. It’s all about unshackling your mind.


One Response to “Venue Search”

  1. Thobile Tops Mkhwanazi Monday, March 12, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    Unshackling your mind it is!!!

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