How Marriage Changes You

6 Mar

I love receiving and posing the question “How has marriage changed you”? It’s an interesting look into one of the reasons people marry and what they hope it will do for them. This will not be an in-depth analyses of marriage or all reasons for it, but a comment on an aspect of the changes brought about once married.

In some ways, nothing changes, which should be great news if the man you married is the version you’re wanting to grow old with. At this point I would like to clarify what a bad idea it is to marry someone with the expectation they will change any negatives you perceive them to have. Our hopes regarding change in a partner should revolve around wishing them holistic growth into all they can be.

In my case, the most significant of changes have occurred internally with external manifestation. I’ve found my life’s interests have been renewed and even expanded upon. I’m not sure if it’s because marrying my husband has allowed me to tick-off one more thing on my life’s “to-do-list” thus freeing up otherwise occupied space in my life, or if marrying the man I did has exposed me to the freedom found in love and marriage. I think it’s the latter.There is freedom so tangible to be found in marriage, that if we’re open to it, allows us to live out loud because we are loved unconditionally. A counterpart has promised to love you through anything and allow you to grow into the self you were created to be. That changes the game and the way you view this life. In considering my vows, marriage and my new life as a wife, I have come to realise that because I have faith in my partner, our decision to marry and the vows we made, I am able to access and execute my dreams and desires with new vigour and trust that no matter what, I have a partner through it all.

So, how has my marriage changed me? One way is it’s allowed me a new bravery to pursue my hearts desires. To try new things, think in new ways and dream ‘impossible’ dreams.

How has marriage changed you?


What are your thoughts?

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