A Practical Wedding

20 Mar

Image off apracticalwedding.com by Emilytakesphotos.com

Todays excerpt is from A Practical Wedding.When we plan our weddings we have a lot to consider in preparation and execution. There are expectations internal and external, fears and pressures.With all the advise that gets thrown your way the second you announce your engagement, it’s no wonder you want it to be the perfect experience you think back on for all the days of your life. For many many reasons, life being one of them, there are seldom weddings that go off without a hitch or five. The point is to get married to your favourite person. Everything else is details. Enjoy the quoted post by Zen here :

I’m going to come out and say it: You don’t actually have to enjoy your wedding. It’s fine if for one reason or another—family or financial pressures—you view it as something you just have to get over with. There will be other parties to throw. And you’re going to achieve your ultimate goal—to be married to your partner—whether or not you managed to get enough artichokes to hold your place-cards, and whether or not you get a feeling of transcendence when you pronounce your vows.

I’m not saying both things are equally irrelevant—obviously transcendence is nice if you can get it—but let’s be realistic here. Artichokes you can buy; transcendence you’ve just got to wait for. If you’ve got to worry about something, choose the artichokes every time.

Better yet, don’t worry about it. Probably some of the gorgeous brides you’ve seen glowing at their grooms are secretly thinking: “The asshole forgot to wear the engraved cufflinks I got him! Asshole!” or “When this is over I’ll be able to find a quiet corner and fix this increasingly urgent wedgie issue.” Probably some of the parents weeping photogenically are crying because their kid chose artichokes over peonies for the centerpieces.

You can’t have an ideal wedding. You just have to have one that’s right for you and the people in your life. And what’s right for you might actually mean that you’ll be uncomfortable and harried most of the day. You’re hosting a huge party to mark an epic change in your life—if you have a great time doing it, that’s fab, but it’s also ok not to have a great time. As long as you get where you want to be in the end


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