The Game of Love

24 Apr

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For the most part, happily married couples will admit that the main contributing factor to their found happiness is honesty and self-love. Firstly honesty with themselves about who they are, what they are about and acceptance. Looking into the truthful version of yourself and lovingly taking care to improve, enhance and cultivate yourself results in love of self. Often times, the establishment of the above is followed by “The One” breezing into your life, and as the saying goes, “when you know, you know”.

If you trust yourself to know who you are, the likely hood of entering into a mutual and loving relationship jumps to highly probable. The trick is to remain true to yourself, even when it seems there is no-one for you. Rather be happy and single than miserably compromised in a relationship.

Once we are comfortable with being one with ourselves (also referred to as being alone), we come to realise that we are enough. The greatest love is the love of self. If we enjoy and cherish ourselves, we know our worth and commit only to partners that see and appreciate in us, that which we see and appreciate in ourselves. If you’re lucky, your partner sees even more greatness in you than you do and helps you cultivate it.

Bottom line, love is not a game. It requires work. Put the work in to love yourself wholly. It is the most important love there is.


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