Thank You Notes

8 May

Subsequent to a wedding party, honeymoon and gift opening, comes one of my favourite moments of the wedding celebration ,writing Thank-You Notes.  Expressing gratitude is such an important part of this journey, that it’s no wonder the Thank-You Notes have become as much of the creative expression of the couple as any other wedding detail.

Image taken with the assistance of a tripod stand

My husband and I took pictures of ourselves with every unopened gift, noting in a book, who the gift was from, what it was and what we appreciated about it. We then printed each picture of us holding the beautifully wrapped gift and wrote personalised thank-you messages for each received gift.

The cost of our thank-you notes was dramatically reduced because we ‘designed’ them ourselves and had them printed by the same printing company that did our invitations. The trick with our printing costs was that we used an advertising printing company, not a wedding industry related company.

An idea that I have discovered and love, is doing away with printing all-together by sending your thank-you notes in the form of an email. This not only saves money, but contributes to the sustainability of our environment too. Huge Plus. It’s often the small details that truly reflect who we are. Bear this in mind when making the ‘small’ decisions surrounding your wedding.  

E-mailing your thank-you notes is a fabulous idea for environment and cash saving purposes, and you can print a few notes for loved ones without e-mail access like grandparents. 

As with everything else, have fun with it. As long as you take the time to acknowledge and show appreciation for the thoughts and love showered on you, your job is done 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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