Real Wedding : Rachel and Terry Kinloch

16 May

This post is unbelievably special for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s the first time we show you how A Pinch of Salt brides pull off their own unique celebrations. Secondly, in her own words, Rachel Kinloch openly shares wisdom I implore brides to take to heart. You will be enriched for it.



We were married at Eden Lassie, a beautiful venue in the Tala Valley. I always dreamed of having a garden wedding and Eden Lassie provided a beautiful backdrop for our fairy tale wedding in nature. We were married in the morning at 10 am on 3 July 2010. Many people were concerned that it would be cold but it turned out to be very warm and no one had to even wear a jersey! We had fresh fruit juice and muffins served in the garden directly after our ceremony so that we were able to go and have photographs. I had a string trio to entertain the guests and they really provided such a romantic feel to our wedding. When we were in the venue we had finger snacks at lunch time with fruit juice. Our wedding cupcakes were served as dessert.

Our greatest challenge was our guest list!!! Spent a few days in tears about this one. We belonged to a big church and many people expected to be at our wedding as they belonged to our church, but with budget constraints we had to be strict about numbers. My husband and I set a few rules such as 1. Are the people actively in our lives? 2. Do we both know them? 3. Will they be valuable witnesses for our marriage for a long future ahead. It was tough but I knew in the end that we had thought long about who to invite and we were happy in the end. Also,our DJ got to our venue late so our group song sung in our ceremony was sung without music so I would have changed that. Make sure your DJ plans to be there well before the ceremony starts.

Our wedding was very personal, my husband and I wrote and said our own vows and I felt it was so natural and real being outside in nature. We also had made most of our décor etc so it was so lovely seeing the wedding with our special touches everywhere. We made a CD with all our favourite songs on for guests to take home. My dad made all the flower boxes. I scrap booked our seating plan. If you have the time it really is rewarding to sit down and try find what is unique about you as a couple and try tie it into your wedding. We had so many comments from people saying “this is so you guys.” We also had 50 photographs printed and framed of family and friends and put them all along the walls which everyone really loved and made them feel special to look at the memories of them in our lives. We also had a fun photo booth area with dress up items for people to be silly and take photos.

Weddings are expensive!!!! Always add on a couple of thousands of rands and start saving as soon as you can so that you know there is a budget to start with in the beginning. We were blessed that my parents paid for most of our wedding but we still put in a lot of money and paid for our photographer, DJ and My husbands parents paid for the flowers.



Take in each moment. So cheesy to say that “it goes so fast’ but it really does and it truly is amazing! I felt like I was on cloud nine the whole time. DON’T sweat the small stuff! Things are going to go wrong but always stay focused on the fact that the most important thing is that you are making a very special commitment to your soul mate. As long as your husband is there and the preacher you’re good to go!



Newly weds, read read read!! My husband and I read all kinds of marriage books while we were engaged to prepare ourselves for marriage. Not every day is going to be a fairy tale so it was really helpful to read those books and ask your partner their views on certain topics. Make sure you have covered the important topics of marriage before you get married.. I call them the deal breakers ‘ Do you want kids’ ‘Would you ever want to immigrate?’ ‘money and budgets’ ‘investing’ ‘stay at home mom idea’. Trust me you may think you know what your partners answers are but they might surprise you when you ask them honestly. I would also suggest a marriage counseling program before you get married. Also make sure you make a fuss over the mom in law as it’s a big deal for moms to let go of their sons.

Rachels Little white book : We used the catering supplied by Eden Lassie. Our photographer was the amazing Christy Lee of Pickle Photography. I bought my dress from a bridal shop in Windermere shopping centre.


3 Responses to “Real Wedding : Rachel and Terry Kinloch”

  1. Brig Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    Rachie, I must say, Terri and your wedding made me fall in love with weddings all over again. By the time your wedding came around I had been to what felt like a 100 weddings LOL and not that they weren’t special or beautiful, but your wedding was just about the most romantic wedding I had and have ever been to. Your love for each other was evident in every detail of the wedding. As for your father-daughter dance I do not thing there was a dry tear in the hall. Thank you for allowing us to share in such a special love filled day ❤

    • Brig Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 10:33 am #

      meant a dry eye* see I get all emotional just thinking about it again and then cant use the right words

  2. anne pretorius Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

    Rachel and Terry you did have a fairy tale wedding! It was beautiful!! We love you both so much and know that with God at the centre of your marriage you will be blessed with a happy ever after ! Love Mom and Dad xxxxx

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