Squeal Over Teal

17 May

Image from fashionista.com

I have long loved Jenny Packham dresses for their femininity. I discovered her whilst planning my own wedding back in 2010. I was looking for an alternative to a veil and discovered her GORGEOUS headdress range. More on that soon. This post is all about teal, inspired by the dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton was a vision. I love that the dress elegantly holds its own, reducing the need to accessorise beyond it.


Image from viemyselfandi.blogspot.com

Teal features prominently in my life. My reading nook chair is upholstered in teal fabric and both my iPhone and iPad sport teal covers. It is the perfect accent colour because it’s bright enough to pop but pleasant enough to live and interact with.It is for these reasons that I ask you to consider a teal wedding dress 🙂


Imagine, if you will, an all white wedding, decor and  guest dress code with a beaming bride in teal. Yes please! If you go with this, please send me images!!


One Response to “Squeal Over Teal”


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