Real Wedding : Kirsten and Wiley Thornhill

30 May

Kirsten is a talented designer and seamstress that is based in Winterton, Drakensberg. She planned a big celebration on the South Coast and was smart about her choice of venue for a huge party. Her smarts are the reason she is featured on the blog today. Her advise to newly weds is spot on. Enjoy.

Our wedding day was on the 10th April 2010. It was a Saturday, with the service at 3pm. We had the service and reception at the Bethany Lutheran Church, in Izotsha on the Lower South Coast, KZN.  I had chosen this venue, as it is the church that our family attends, and have many fond childhood memories there. The reception was held in the church hall. It is a large venue, and does hire out a large variety of catering goods (and in large numbers!) this made our lives easier, and we hired a local lady Jenny Bunge to do our catering. I can’t remember what we ate, but it was a 3 course meal. It was based around a roast meal…











The whole wedding day is rather stressful and tiring, but the church service, and saying I Do! Was the best part. Everything else came second…the photography was drawn out (we got so cold!), and all the little things that people wanted to know, like when they should eat pudding become tedious and frustrating! I suppose the challenge was the decorating and theme building part. I wasn’t able to quite clarify what I wanted, and so it become a variety of everyone’s idea of what I wanted. Everyone knows I love colour, and so they all went with that, I would’ve preferred a more subtle colour scheme!





We basically had a church hall wedding, which isn’t very popular these days. It’s not a very beautiful place (more functional and cost-effective). Most weddings are now held at picturesque  wedding venues. I would still recommend the church hall, as it is still a good venue, especially if you’d like to organize a large wedding. Other than that most people commented what a happy wedding we had…it certainly was. Everyone had a good time, and we were just thrilled to have gotten married.






The wedding day went so well, and there were no hiccups. I would advise brides to confirm the photographer that you want, and book in advance. The photographer I had chosen, said he’d be able to do it, and then snaked his way out, and replaced himself (he worked another wedding) with a stand in. This also happened with the DJ, (organized by the photographer) and so essentially I got the B-team. I would also encourage brides to choose the things that you would like to have on your day.  It’s the one opportunity to spoil yourself, and you get to invite other people to enjoy it with you. Brides should also remember the cost and stress of the whole affair.

If I were to have the day again, I would do a picnic based affair, with close friends and family…something more fun and casual. I wish I had been better prepared for the stress of it all. I wish it could’ve been a more relaxed affair.






Get married for love, compatibility, and friendship. The wedding is the day, marriage is every day after that! As newly weds, learn to work together as a team, so that the house you share becomes a place of rest and fun. The world is a stressful place, and to create a home which you can share and enjoy is a really great thing.


Kirstens Little White Book :

As a fashion designer and exceptional pattern maker and seamstress, Kirsten made both hers and her bridesmaid dresses. She is based in Central Drakensberg. Contact her on 0741230749

 South Coast providers: Jenny Bunge – Caterer, Bethany Lutheran church, and hall


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