Al-one with Self

14 Aug

Have you ever been surrounded by people and felt utterly alone? Loneliness happens. I believe it’s just a season or moment for you to reflect and look within. It’s a rare opportunity to be one with yourself and figure out where you are and how you’re doing. A good place to re-emerge is amongst good girlfriends. This can be an incredible source of support in your life as a woman, wife, and mother. It’s not always easy to be vulnerable with others because no-one wants to be misunderstood or rejected. Sometimes we are disappointed but it doesn’t mean we’ll never find the support and unconditional love and acceptance found in nurturing female relationships. Be the girlfriend you would like to have and see what happens. Not all relationships are healthy or conducive to where you’re headed. If you find this to be the case when you check yourself, have the self love to gently preserve that which you hold dear, your sense of self.


What are your thoughts?

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