White Bridesmaid Dresses

27 Aug

I first mentioned how I would love to see a bride rocking colour, surrounded by  white over here. Today, I thought I would elaborate on that and show some examples of how incredible it could look. As with most things, you might like the idea but are too afraid it may not go down so well with your guests and witnesses. I hope the beautiful examples to follow put your mind at ease and gives you confidence to step out in a different fashion to the popular trends we see every Saturday.

Image from stylemepretty.com






Image from destinationwedding.com











Image from stylemepretty.com






I do wish there were more examples of alternatives but the three I was able to source present a good case. I will keep sharing any more I come across. Please do the same 🙂


One Response to “White Bridesmaid Dresses”

  1. http://ackiekingdomrags.blogspot.com Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Hey, just came across your blog today and i am loving it…(as i enjoy reading blogs and working on mine http://ackiekingdomrags.blogspot.com)…I have always thought white on brides-maids would over shadow the bride a little but clearly it doesn’t seem so! think All white will be my colour palette in future. 🙂 Lurv it!

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