Who / What I am Right Now

15 Oct

I’m struck by the revelations I experience when I look back over my life. I’m even looking forward to reflecting on where I am now and noting lessons and areas of growth. I already have a few thoughts on my earlier years. As I pick up habits I desire and work to drop those that no longer serve me, there are a few things I have recently learned about myself that have actually surprised me. A few of them follow:

1. If I’m not comfortable doing it in public and around my family, it’s not something I truly want to do.
2. I actually am a morning person, if my mornings start at 7 and are preceded by a restful night.
3. I have a very strong desire to create a peaceful, nuturing, restful, inspiring, nourishing and wholesome home for my family.

Are there any things you’ve discovered about who you are right now?


One Response to “Who / What I am Right Now”

  1. T' Friday, November 16, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    AND I sis have learnt the following about myself:
    1. NO AMOUNT of Columbian coffee will make me a morning person;
    2. Learnt that marriage is tough enough (when it is between 2 HUMAN BEINGS) – so now I do not get married to any ideas, thoughts or belief systems. “If you are on a road to nowhere, find another road.” – Ashanti proverb. So now I AM so WILLING to make a CHANGE.
    3. Now this last quote saw me through studies that would NOT end! 🙂 sad the author is unknown to me: “I am thankful for the adversities which have crossed my path and taught me tolerance, perseverance, self-control and some other virtues I might never have known. – Anonymous” So I have seen myself grow into a person who remains focused on the goal, even in the midst of battle.
    4. Finally I have learnt the real feeling of “YES!”. So before I commit myself I keep saying “Yes” to feel that authentic warmth it comes with before I convey my conscious commitment to anything and to anyone. AND YEAP I’ve also learnt that I can say 1 more last thing even when I had intended to say the standard 3 and chose to stick out like a sore thumb 🙂
    You are a LEGEND Thinana wam.
    I’m most proud of YOU!

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