Small Wedding = House

17 Jan

How has your new year been so far? I hope you’re in a good place and have the same optimism I’m carrying around with me.

I often speak of priorities, and today I would like to expand on one of our biggest priorities and inspiration for this blog. Before we got engaged, my Husband and I would discuss our dreams and plans. Eventually, those dreams and plans expanded to involve a shared vision. When we started discussing marriage and our engagement, we went shopping for engagement rings and costing weddings. I quickly discovered that whilst I like big rocks as much as the next girl (maybe not as much, but certainly appreciate a pretty piece of jewellery), I was not comfortable spending that amount of money on it. We had already started dealing with our finances as a team (we did this fairly early on).


We had been looking to purchase an investment property at this point, and realised that whilst we had been blessed with a good position to purchase our first property, getting a big engagement ring and throwing a lavish wedding, would put a sizeable dent in our buying capability. So we decided that we definitely wanted to be married and get ourselves a property as a wedding gift to ourselves instead of a big ring and wedding.


We’ve been married and in our current house for three years and we are SO grateful for those early decisions. Next week I will share what that choice has afforded us, a look at our first home.


One Response to “Small Wedding = House”


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