The Questions of How and Why

22 Feb

When Mr.N and I got engaged, we had to start making plans to plan our wedding. Our discussions covered varied celebrations, from church held ceremony and tea, to hiring a small jazz lounge for an informal dinner dance. I felt very isolated by our views because most thought we were loony and misguided. Because of our less than conventional approach to the whole engagement, weddings and marriage thing, we didn’t find support or ideas in our immediate community. I went online to find inspiration and examples of what I was convinced were reasonable alternatives. My question then and my question now, is what informs the way we live our lives? From the partner we pick to the type of house we buy. It seems popular trends weigh heavily in the decisions we make daily. Why not go within and ask what feels right, good and comfortable for you? Why not have a few friends and family jump into a bus that takes you on a wine tasting journey through a wine region, where you are say, married at the first farm, first speech over cheese and wine at the second farm, another speech at the next farm that caters a sumptuous meal and a final farm where desert is enjoyed before the bridal couple are whisked away for a quiet solo dinner to marinade and glow in the momentous occasion that resulted in the marriage of souls. Why don’t we start with who we are, and let our individual creativity dictate the way we celebrate and live? I think tradition plays a big part in it. Maybe I am just not as traditional as most? And perhaps people would like to give their guests the comfort of predictability? I hope this post doesnt offend anyone. I’m just fascinated at how little variance we find in our individual lives and wonder why.


2 Responses to “The Questions of How and Why”

  1. Coleen Monday, February 25, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    :)I share your opinion of looking within to understand what works for you! And having the courage to act on it. Be the unique person you were created to be! Here’s hoping for more brave people 🙂

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