Period Dramas

5 Mar

Call The Midwife Season 1

Two of my favourite shows at the moment are British period dramas. Downton Abbey is a weekend staple in our household and thanks to my recent fascination with babies, Call The Midwife  piqued my interest when I saw a BBC advertisement while flicking through channels. I have  just watched the second episode of the first season, I recorded it last night. The characters are still developing but my have I already shed a tear or ten! Seems to me, Midwifery is a calling. The characters in the show exist in heart-breaking conditions. Many women in South Africa call these conditions a reality. The story of women is always an appealing one to me.


Apart from my love of the theatre and therefore 3-dimensional characters, plots and themes, I think these shows have my affections because they are the closest television will get to resembling a book. Characters that develop, live with you and that you gain insight into in an easy and unforced manner.  Another aspect I love is the production design, sets and costume! Absolute viewing pleasure. Are any of you enjoying these shows?


What are your thoughts?

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