Absence Round Up

27 May

Hello! A warm greeting to you beauty filled APOS visitors.

Since we last met on these pages, I have lost a good amount of weight, prepared for a move and helped celebrate a few milestones.

I am great, and I hope you all are too. What have you been up to since we last met? Here are a few highlights from when we last connected (if you’re not a follower of APOS on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram).

Exciting times celebrating the impending birth of Baby Sack

Celebrating 30 years of age and 5 years of the birthday girl’s company


Breakfast with siblings, Ma and husband


A weekend up the coast with friends and their children

Shopping and preparing for our move. Paint colours dominated our conversation

A happy wedding on the south coast

I mentioned this wedding when I created an inspiration board for the then newly engaged couple. Here’s a look at it.

It was a great celebration that included many wonderful friends.

The details were gorgeous, right down to the ceremony drinks served while we waited for the brides entry.

We have lots to catch up on *thumbsup*


What are your thoughts?

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