Simply Celebrate

3 Jun


I recently had an interesting conversation with a lady studying to be an event co-ordinator. When I shared my vision of a low cost event management company, she first misunderstood and suggested I only accept a few of ‘those’ clients. After clarifying that ALL the celebrations I help put together wouldn’t cost a fraction of the current going cost associated with all celebrations ranging from bridal and baby showers to weddings, she laughed. Out loud. I asked her why she laughed and what she found funny about what I’d said and she told me that people that couldn’t afford to pay the going price for weddings etc shouldn’t get married. When I asked her why she was adamant on an event costing a larger amount of money than is necessary, she answered that anything worth celebrating should be done to the highest order and be an extravagant affair so it would be memorable. I then challenged her by asking why something memorable should be attached to a hefty bill and she then basically went into the quality argument, to which I replied, doing things smartly, need not mean skimping on quality, but rather focusing on important elements.

Walking away from that, I was left wondering if I was the only person that thinks its absurd to have to show you care about something by putting a large amount of money behind it. Am I the only person that is of the opinion that a beautiful, tasteful, quality celebration can be pulled off with a few tens of thousand rands, given smart planning, research and keeping the guest list contained?

What do you think? Am I incorrect? Cheap? Unsentimental?



2 Responses to “Simply Celebrate”

  1. Coleen Monday, June 3, 2013 at 8:46 am #

    I for one fully agree with you…..a memorable event has very little to do with the price tag. Just think about the VISA card ads! The memories and things we value and cherish most is very seldom linked to the monatory value.

  2. Ackie Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 3:34 pm #

    I am hundreds behind you there. Expesive events tend to boil down to stressful after-effects to the hosts, which should never be the case! As your guests enjoy themselves you as the host should also enjoy it whilst eased that it hasn’t left you pennyless. I am all for saving and events all at the same time. Money doesn’t buy a wonderful event, it only buys expensive items.

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