Cake and Satay House

11 Jun

Image taken by Me

So a few years back I was looking for an intimate setting for a romantic dinner for Mr. N’s birthday when I happened upon what has become our go to when we want to eat out, have great Asian food and have it be a secluded affair. For my birthday I knew what I wanted was to celebrate with my Love at a special spot we could escape to and feel world’s away. Cake and Satay House fits this description perfectly. A couple-run Indonesian eatery in the couple’s home, it was perfect for good food in seclusion. I had ordered the grilled prawns in chilli, ginger and black bean sauce but we ended up sharing our meals. Yum. Cake and Satay House is incredibly reasonably priced and offers real value for money. It’s totally rustic and reminds us of our time in Thailand.


They’re in Glenwood and really a treat to experience.


One Response to “Cake and Satay House”

  1. mpume Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    this looks really yummie, invite me the next time you go there 🙂

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