Who / What I am Right Now

12 Jun

Image taken by a friend at a wedding one month before the end of the diet

Until about a month ago, I had been on a diet since the 12th of December 2012. I have had wonderful results with regards to weight loss as well as some not so wonderful results with regards to what my diet’s meant (sacrifices, reactions etc). Most of life is usually wrapped up in lessons so I got to wondering what this diet (or rather being on it) has taught me or reinforced.


Image taken by Mr. N just before diet started

1. I’m not great at multitasking. Once I decide to do something, it becomes my priority and if I am to do it right, I often place it at the core with the awareness that it is a season, after which, my usual other facets of life will resume.
2. I am strong minded. People often remarked how they would love to get their head straight so they could stick to a diet, and after five months of hearing that, I have realised that if it’s that important to me, my head gets behind it.
3. I have an incredibly supportive partner in Mr. N. There were bleak moments of frustration, particularly when I got home, hungry, needing to cook from scratch. Eventually, thoughtful Mr. N took over cooking all my suppers. All of them. A huge weight off my shoulders! Also, he is a better cook than I am *twothumbsup*
4. I know myself better than I give myself credit for. When it was time for the weight to come off, nothing was going to deter this process to a more satisfied me. And it’s paid off. My outlook is an optimistic, refreshed and energised one, thanks to the investment I made in myself, at the right time.


Image taken at Cake and Satay House on my birthday

The diet came to an end just before my birthday and I must say, I love that I did something for myself that meant I gained something I didn’t have the previous year. Growth is my best.


2 Responses to “Who / What I am Right Now”

  1. Ackie Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    Congrats on the weight loss, that’s quiet encouraging! Did you add any excerise to your diet? and how do you plan to keep the healthy weight seeing as your diet is over now? I ask because I had lost weight through exercise and gained it back again after a few months #love your blog. Keep updating and I will keep reading.

    • Thina (pinchosalt.wordpress.com) Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

      Hi Ackie, thanks for reading the blog. I am glad you enjoy it. I didn’t exercise at all during the diet but there was the option to be on a plan that allowed exercise. The diet was great in that it taught me about the relationship between my body and food. It re-wired my mind to appreciate food as sustenance rather than a pass time 😉 I now enjoy food and am deliberate about what I indulge in. I’m working my way to getting into an exercise routine.

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