And in Other News, Things We Should Celebrate

17 Jul
Image taken by Mr. N

Image taken by Mr. N

Did you know that I am not a big wedding person? Well, not in the traditional sense anyway. I was very excited to marry my husband and celebrate it, but the idea of a wedding did not appeal to me. That is when I realised that by definition, a wedding  (via Google)  is a marriage ceremony, esp. considered as including the associated celebrations. So you see, a wedding is any celebration associated with a marriage ceremony. No prescription as to what is to be worn, the number of guests, location, or activities. Well. Once I understood that I didn’t have to celebrate the same way (more or less) as everyone else, I was giddy with excitement when I considered the possibilities. I had a good, warm laugh reading this article linked by A Cup of Jo, about all the celebrations we might have during the course of our lives, and I must say that I agree with these sentiments. Bachelor parties, where we celebrate the last hoorah of single-hood after some time spent in a serious relationship is a little backward, don’t you think? And why do we give couples that have lived together for some time, dishware? Have some fun considering the possibilities.


What are your thoughts?

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