Silver Linings Playbook

26 Jul

pinchosalt.wordpress.comWe sat down to watch Silver Linings Playbook last weekend and had never heard of it (hehe, I see now it was quite a hit when released). Mr.N had stumbled on it and thought it sounded like something I’d enjoy, and boy did I. It’s a charming story which develops organically. I really appreciated the way it dealt with mental illness and what it looks like in families. We laughed, considered and I cried. It was a movie that stayed with us all weekend. My heart went through all the motions, it hooked me. So, if you’re looking for something that will engage and leave you with a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts, get this one. Also, how wonderful is it that we, with all our imperfections and issues, have opportunities to heal, grow and be better? Just Wonderful.


What are your thoughts?

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