Simple Wedding Crush – Beth and Brent

8 Jan

APOS Blog Holistically FabulousWhen I started on this journey of sharing and celebrating healthy alternatives, I expected there to be many more people interested in better ways. Better weddings, better habits, better marriages, better births. It has since occurred to me that mostly, people like following a model, no matter how rigid, taxing and uncharacteristic it is for them. That is why when my smart and beautiful friend told me that she and her fiancé had decided that their initial idea of a wedding would bring them more strife to pull off, than a simple celebration, I was pleasantly surprised and shouted for joy.

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

They were doing their planning for a wedding that was to take place in Durban, South Africa from Beira, Mozambique, where they work and live. The couple, taking their personal set of circumstances, values, vision, hopes and priorities into consideration, decided that the task of planning a more traditional wedding for their own celebration didn’t suite them and wouldn’t line up with their priorities. So started the journey towards their wedding.

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

To say it was a phenomenal wedding would be a gross understatement. It truly rocked my world. Everyone blessed to have attended agreed, one of the best spent days of our lives.

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

We were invited to experience who this magical couple were, interacting authentically when their loved ones and celebrating everything they hoped to become.

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

It was simply fabulous.

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

We haven’t featured a real wedding in a long time, so I will be uploading this inspirational brides commentary and pics as soon as I receive them because we need more examples of the way it can be done.

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous


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