Things are Lining Up for ol’ Liz Lemon

4 Apr

The title of this post is borrowed from one of my favourite shows, 30 Rock. It’s something I say at the end of a wobbly or a ‘storm’, both of which I have just surfaced from. Without getting into it, because, it’s a long story, I’m over it, it’s behind me and I do not care to spend another minute in that space, it has been a bit of a tough past two weeks. Baby N and I were thrown the most incredible Baby shower that I will share soon, because our awesome party throwers hired a talented photographer to capture the day 🙂 so thoughtful! Again, without any detail, the two weeks following the shower have been less than ideal, but, I am thrilled to be on the other side of it! People, pregnancy hormones are real.

The past two weeks weren’t all bad. Two positives were a visit to my wonderful chiropractor and a cool creative business workshop I attended.

So, how have you all been? I’m now 38 weeks along in our pregnancy and looking forward to meeting our newest member.


What are your thoughts?

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