Maternity Leave

11 Apr

APOS Blog Holistically FabulousMaternity leave is under-rated. Since going on maternity leave, I have been able to sort important things out, emotionally and physically, ahead of our Little One’s arrival. The beauty of it is that it hasn’t really been a mad rush to do it. It started out that way, but after enough people told me to “take it easy”, I finally listened. Part of the problem was, I didn’t know what they meant, or rather, what that looked like. Does it mean reading books all day, sleeping all day, watching TV all day, being off my feet all day? A wise friend advised that it was simply going with what felt right and restful for me at the time. So some days it’s me sorting through items that are leaving our home to make space for the clutter free, simple environment we crave and are working towards. Other days, it’s cooking and listening to a podcast. Sometimes, I spend the morning gathering items for baby and I, grab a hearty lunch and nap then veg in front of the TV. It is literally whatever I am drawn to do and whatever brings me peace at the time. It’s been a real gift. Today, after Mr. N left for work, I got back into bed and only resurfaced at 11am! That’s how easy I’ve been taking it. Moment by moment, as I am prompted, and it’s been glorious.


What are your thoughts?

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