THE Spicegoddess Event

17 Dec
via @HenreB

via @HenreB

The THE in the title is just so when the Spice Goddess Events blow up and take over the country, it is noted that the first was the bar.

A few hand selected Durban bloggers gathered at Be Pampered Spa for a day of inspiration and pampering courtesy of Spice Goddess. I was blessed to be one of the bloggers in attendance and can tell you, I left thoroughly pampered and inspired. I am telling everyone that will listen, about the transformational pedi I received. A pedi shared is a pedi exponentially more enjoyable. Insert Fuze Tea Cocktails (going to do a post about these – SO good) on demand, titillating girl talk, the skills of a professionally trained therapist and you have the perfect pass time.

via @noodlesndoodles

via @noodlesndoodles

Verushka of Spice Goddess has a heart for empowerment and inclusion, which is what made this event special. She teamed up with the talented Sue Levy to spread their message of self-love fulfilled so we can more fully love others.

via @sue_levy

via @sue_levy

Their choice of venue was spot on with their message. I am still just amazed at what Be Pampered Spa was set up to achieve and how they serve in this special and unique way. This special spa is for the people. It’s founders, the famous Mystic Sisters, consult in matters of emotional wellbeing. They often advised their clients to de-stress but soon realised that a spa day was not as accessible as it was necessary for so many in our busy, full and stress filled lives. So they created the change they wanted to see. A spa for the people. A place accessible enough that money would not be the reason stress is not managed. So admirable.

Be Pampered Spa have given me a package to give away! Look out for the Give – Away in the new year. I want to place it so you’re invigorated to live your best life in 2015. Spoiler alert, you get to bring a partner! So check in often and start thinking about who you’re going to bring along should you win 😉

I hope a Spice Goddess Event makes its way to you soon and that it is as enriching as it was for me.

Much Love



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