Be Pampered Spa Give-Away

7 Jan
via Be Pampered Spa Buy One Get One Free FB Page

via Be Pampered Spa Buy One Get One Free FB Page

There are a few things I love more than value. It also gets me jazzed to know that something was created in the spirit of service and assistance to someone else. Be Pampered Spa got its start because the sisters that own it realised that they existed in a stressed out world and that time out to rejuvenate and replenish was a luxury not accessible to too many. This heart warming offering can be found in Westville North, Durban. They have a website, Facebook page and Twitter presence. Most of their packages are buy one get one free and come with a light lunch. I mean. The spa is fully equipped in its simplicity, keeping its focus on providing  the pricey but necessary experience of unwinding. The sisters in generosity typical to them, have given me a treatment to give away to one of you Lovelies. Cherry on the top, you get to bring a loved one with! To enter, simply share this post on any social media platforms you use (Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest etc) and tag @pinchosalt on Twitter, A Pinch of Salt on Facebook and let me know who you would enjoy this prize with as your plus-one or who you would give the prize to if that’s what you chose. Me’s thinks this is a fabulous time to be surprised with a spa treatment. Right as we gear up to take on a year filled with possibilities.

Much Love X


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