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The Great Adventure

30 Jul

Meeting a fellow human with whom to spend our lives seems to be the cherry on the top of our existence. The truth is, where-ever we find ourselves regarding our relationship status is never a reason to stop improving, growing, learning, discovering, dreaming or exploring. I would expect it may even be a little more challenging with a partner, because you will absolutely have to consider the other member of your partnership when making any decisions. Choosing to live out our best lives as we pursue our ultimate version of ourselves is the great adventure. Meeting a mate, planning a wedding and starting a family are opportunities to reveal ourselves, they are not what define us.


Be You

10 Jan

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A Pinch of Salt (APOS) is a very special labour of love for me because I was empowered by the self-knowledge with which I approached dating my now husband, getting engaged to him, planning the celebration of our marriage and now our actual marriage. It is my belief that knowing “who” and “what you’re dealing” with is an invaluable tool in the navigation of life. Self awareness affords you the basis from which to make decisions best suited to your individuality. It is a solid foundation from which to proceed and build.

Things are not perfect no matter what you’re faced with, but knowing who you are and what you are about makes things a whole lot easier. In the context of weddings, you may be bombarded with images, ideas, suggestions and even wishes, that may overwhelm you. Although well-meaning, friends and advisors may end up deterring you from what you know to be true for you. Do not allow this to happen. Be aware that good intentions aside, it is your wedding day / marriage. It is a reflection of you and your union. It will be your experience and memory that you celebrate every year. Weddings can certainly be about community, family and friends, but my point is that you don’t have to exclude your own voice to have that be so. Most importantly, keep true to that voice because it is your wedding and marriage after all.

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing

5 Jan

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A big warm welcome back to everyone! We hope your best year awaits you in 2012.


Let us kick off this year with a reminder of our objectives here at APOS. We are your individualistic vision’s cheer-leaders 🙂 which loosely means, we are on your side regarding the unique wedding you want to have. Go for it! It’s your wedding day and it should look like you. Have a blast planning the celebration of your imagining. Enjoy the journey leading up to your marriage by focusing on what is most important to you. Allow us to guide you through the noise that sometimes rises up as soon as you announce you are engaged to be married.


We are excited you have found the person you want to spend your life alongside and would love to be part of creating a memorable celebration of that union in the way you see fit.


What-ever your preferences, here’s to the journey and fulfillment of doing it your way.

The Premise

3 Nov

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The premise of this blog is one of encouragement and support to listen to your inner voice and live your honest and sincere life as only you can. We encourage you to rise up from the mundane, to the unique. Eve Ensler (award-winning author of The Vagina Monologues and more recently I am an Emotional Creature: the Secret Life of Girls around the World) says, “I believe girls are TOO often told ‘to please’ and to be something other than what they are. It’s very important for them to be inspired by other verbs like ‘create’, ‘learn’ and ‘defy’”. So go on and create your dreams, Dear Lovelies.

Welcome to A Pinch of Salt

2 Nov

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Welcome to A Pinch of Salt. A life, wedding and love celebration style resource. This blog came into being because as a bride-to-be, I struggled to find independent ideas, suggestions and solutions to my unique and independent style and personality. I found Bridal magazines and expos offered a ‘factory’ solution to what I desired to be a reflective celebration of our union. In my opinion, any celebration linked to your life should resemble your values and individual sense of style. This blog aims to empower and present the conscious celebrator with inspiration, solutions, ideas and alternatives that reflect the celebrated. As a resource to bride’s maids, event coordinators, photographers, brides-to-be and anyone interested in celebrating life, this blog is a community of like minded thinkers.  Please feel free to air your thoughts and suggestions on any of the discussion topics and features. Our aim is to find solutions to represent your unique style.

A Pinch of Salt focuses on the marriage that ensues the wedding day. By keeping your marriage as the focus, decisions and priorities are crystalised and made easier to deal with. Once the marriage has been made a priority, you realise that your wonderful wedding day will be a success as long as you end up married to your best friend.

This community will share the frustrations and joys experienced in relationships in and around marriage in the hopes of shedding light on the solutions and instruments to resolve and negotiate with, through the journey.  Our hope is to be a resource for anything between relationship building, wedding decisions (catering, photography etc), and marriage itself.

Join us on a journey of self discovery, realisation and expression through our relationships, weddings and marriages.

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