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I’m on a Hypnobirthing Practitioner’s Course

12 Jul

Friends I am doing a wonderful practitioners course for Hypnobirthing and just wanted to check in and tell you how AH-MA-ZING it is! I’ll check in at another time to share my journey that led me to doing the actual practitioners course. Right now, I’m wondering if you know anything about this wonderful process of birthing? It’s all about dispelling fears associated with birthing and gaining healthy perspective and tools to achieve a calm, beautiful birth for you and your precious children. What’s struck me is how even cesarean births can be calm and beautiful! I used to be terrified about the possibility of birthing via cesarean, but am now confident that whatever I face on my birthing journey will be dealt with positively and result in a beautiful birth. It’s enlightening stuff. We have beauty-filled bodies and are incredibly made. It’s just a humbling education. At the end of this process, I’ll be a certified practitioner so if you’re keen for a calm and beautiful birth, no matter the method or location, I’ll be able to help you achieve it! How lovely?!


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