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Things are Lining Up for ol’ Liz Lemon

4 Apr

The title of this post is borrowed from one of my favourite shows, 30 Rock. It’s something I say at the end of a wobbly or a ‘storm’, both of which I have just surfaced from. Without getting into it, because, it’s a long story, I’m over it, it’s behind me and I do not care to spend another minute in that space, it has been a bit of a tough past two weeks. Baby N and I were thrown the most incredible Baby shower that I will share soon, because our awesome party throwers hired a talented photographer to capture the day ūüôā so thoughtful! Again, without any detail, the two weeks following the shower have been less than ideal, but, I am thrilled to be on the other side of it! People, pregnancy hormones are real.

The past two weeks weren’t all bad. Two positives were a visit to my wonderful chiropractor and a cool creative business workshop I attended.

So, how have you all been? I’m now 38 weeks along in our pregnancy and looking forward to meeting our newest member.


Still Here

30 Oct

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

Friends, I am still here.
It has been one great big adventure that I am looking forward to sharing with you when the time is right. In the meantime, Joanna from A Cup of Jo recently had a cool post about wedding night sex that made me laugh out loud. The bobby pins! Thought I’d share for those that hadn’t yet seen it. Our wedding night fell into the ‘spoke about it before and knew we’d be exhausted so we removed the pressure’ category. Thank you for checking in, hope all is well on your side xo

Simple Habits

12 Aug


is all.

P.S. Above image from 100 layer cake

Friendship after Marriage : Wisdom and Growing Pains

31 Jul

I am not always very good at friendships and loving people the way they want to be loved, but have been blessed with friendships with phenomenal individuals that don’t hold that against me and are (mostly) lovingly patient towards me. If you have a BFF that’s gotten into a serious relationship whilst you remained single, this one will strike a cord. Add to it, distance and a growing baby bump and the reality of it is magnified. Read A Practical Wedding‘s post on Friendship after Marriage.

Silver Linings Playbook

26 Jul

pinchosalt.wordpress.comWe¬†sat down to watch¬†Silver Linings Playbook¬†last weekend and had never heard of it (hehe, I see now it was quite a hit when released). Mr.N had stumbled on it and thought it sounded like something I’d enjoy, and boy did I. It’s a¬†charming story which develops organically. I really appreciated the way it dealt with mental illness and what it looks like in families. We laughed, considered and I cried. It was a movie that stayed with us¬†all weekend. My heart went through all the motions, it hooked me. So, if you’re looking for something that will¬†engage and leave you with a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts, get this one. Also, how wonderful is it that we, with all our imperfections and issues, have opportunities to heal, grow and be better? Just Wonderful.

And in Other News, Things We Should Celebrate

17 Jul
Image taken by Mr. N

Image taken by Mr. N

Did you know that I am not a big wedding person? Well, not in the traditional sense anyway.¬†I was very excited to marry my husband and celebrate it, but the idea of a wedding did not appeal to me. That is when I realised that by definition, a wedding¬† (via Google)¬† is a marriage ceremony, esp. considered as including the associated celebrations. So you see, a wedding is any celebration associated with a marriage ceremony. No prescription as to what is to be worn, the number of guests, location, or activities. Well. Once I understood that I didn’t have to celebrate the same way (more or less)¬†as everyone else, I was giddy with excitement when I considered the possibilities. I had a good, warm laugh reading this article linked by A Cup of Jo,¬†about all the celebrations we might have during the course of our lives, and I must say that I agree with these sentiments. Bachelor parties, where we celebrate the last hoorah of single-hood after some time spent in a serious relationship is a little backward, don’t you think? And why do we give couples that have lived together for some time, dishware?¬†Have some fun considering the possibilities.


15 Jul


Our community is one of the most important social structures from whom we learn, grow and thrive. I’ve been thinking a lot about the people we surround ourselves with and what we all bring to the ecology of this life we share. Are we good, positive forces in their journeys or do we stifle and discourage our fellow man? I have never really thought I was responsible for anyone outside my family, but I am beginning to realise that not only are we all in this together, but we are all connected. Our triumphs and victories are related. I am not always deserving of limitless support because I often retreat into myself when I get busy, but when I am between a rock and a hard place, I am never alone. I am always supported. It humbles me. Lets be better for each other. Like I said, we’re all in this together. Lets walk across the room and make that connection.

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