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Treat / Talloula

7 Feb


My Husband and I, were up at our new house this past weekend and decided to explore the (Upper Highway) region before we headed back into town. We drove along Old Main Road towards Bothas Hill and discovered a refreshing cafe and wedding venue nestled in the clear, fresh air. We are so incredibly excited to move out of the city and into lush green Upper Highway territory. We have loved living in the city and really cherish our last few weeks here, but the excitement of the move is definitely sinking in. I know we will spend many coffee, breakfast and lunch outings at Treat Cafe, in fact, I might even have my birthday celebration here in June.

Treat is the cafe situated on the same grounds as Talloula, which is the wedding venue, complete with a chapel and accommodation. We will definitely explore Talloula as a venue and see if we can use it in our package offering. We are set for much more exploring, seems the Upper Highway is a well kept secret of hidden gems.


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