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A Parisian Elopement

2 Jan

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

Oh this couple. Spot on my kinda people. They thought they didn’t want to get hitched, until they discovered marriage was not their problem, a big wedding was. To quote Lauren, the bride, “When we met we both said we weren’t very interested in being married we were happy just to be together – what we soon realised was that it wasn’t that – we just didn’t want a big wedding. We wanted the commitment without the fuss.

Check out their full elopement on the Polka Dot Bride

What do you think of elopements?


Simple Wedding Crush

30 Jul

Seriously crushing on the pearls that I discover on Polka Dot Bride. Today’s wedding crush has a beautifully styled bride and a before-message from the groom that makes me smile. He says he isn’t nervous about getting married, just excited. I was a nervous wreck before I saw Mr.N because I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention in the least! Once he was with me, I felt better. Elopements are my best! Isn’t it sweet how once he pronounces the couple married, the officiant disappears? #Winning

Simple Wedding Crush

22 Jul

An elopement captured on video, a GREAT idea. Love the bride’s look.

Shared from Polka Dot Bride

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