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What’s in a Name?

14 Jan
Photograph by Photography by Jo Go

Photograph by Photography by Jo Go

A lot!

Mr. N and I place great importance on the words we speak and take seriously the privelege of naming our children. Our first child, a son, we have named Nelani. Nelani is a Zulu word for enough. Significant to us at a time that a prominent lesson in our lives is how magnificent God’s provision is. He supplies all of our needs according to his riches in Glory. All we need is in Him. Nelani is this declaration.

Living in Durban, I have come to accept that we like to shorten and nick-name-ify each other’s names and really, I have no problem with that. It’s a way we show affection and familiarity and it’s lovely. I’ve realised that if your name is longer than two syllables your name will most likely be morphed. Nelani is one syllable out of the safety zone, so the fault is ours 😉

Of course Mr. N and I have nicknames for our sweet boy, but we are also mindful to call him by his God-inspired name often too. That’s all I ask. That every now and then (and not as an indication of trouble), Nelani’s powerful name be used in its full three syllable form. A name full of significance and is music to our first-time-parent ears.

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