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Keep It Simple this Silly Season

10 Dec
just a dream by Adrian Limani

just a dream by Adrian Limani

Hey There! I just wanted to reach out in the noise you may be surrounded by and remind you that this season is a happy time to be spent reflecting, resting, preparing, releasing, loving and being kind. To yourself and others. You’ve made it to the end of a cycle. What have you learned, what needs to change? Take stock, gather yourself and your thoughts.

What I mean to say is, STAY OUT OF DEBT (all the kinds – emotional, physical, financial, spiritual) 😉 Keep focused on where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Don’t get swept into the marketing. There is absolutely nothing you need to do or get to be happy. Everything you need and desire is attainable from within. Look there to fulfill your dreams, visions, WISH LIST.

I had one of my best years, ever. My life expanded to embrace the greatest gift I have ever received. Being a mother has enhanced who I am and who I hope to be. I have taken it easy on myself (for the most part), and allowed this incredible time with a baby be all I am about. There were times I felt the world (opportunities, work, laundry, socials, coffees, relations etc.) would have all moved on without me. I would then be reminded that this precious time is fleeting, never to be repeated with this particular Spirit in this particular form, at this particular time. Opportunities abound. Love infinite and our time here finite. Happiness begins when we mute the noise and connect with the authentic.

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Merry Christmas. May 2015 be your most prosperous, holistically fabulous year yet. All my Love,



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