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The New Wedding

30 Dec
Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

Whilst there have been some kick-ass weddings I have had the honour of attending, I keep circling to the thought that had I to do all over again, I would definitely elope. I was 24 when I married, and whilst I knew I didn’t want to get caught up in the trappings of a ‘traditional’ do, I wish I had delved deeper into the possibility of an elopement and all it would have meant for us. We loved our 80 guest morning high-tea celebration to bits, but being the woman I am now, I would definitely have made bolder choices, and these are some of my reasons:

By the time we celebrated our marriage in March, Mr. N and I were already married for two months because we tied the knot at Home Affairs. I would have just done the Home Affairs portion better. An incredible dress, photographer and amazing meal would have made me more happy than you know.

Weddings as we know them are themselves the heritage of non-conformists, as in the case of Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert in 1840, Victoria insisted on donning a white dress instead of the traditional blue at the time.

For everything weddings are, they are still an expensive few hours. For everyone involved, guests included!

The only aspect of today’s traditional wedding that resonates with me is the coming together of a community to wish a new family well and celebrate an institution I love!

A Pinch of Salt is a blog about celebrating and supporting better alternatives, alternatives and practices that take into account the whole person. In the case of weddings, the person before, during, and after ‘the big day’. Too often, weddings are a heavy burden that are more trouble than they are worth. For couples with greater value in doing it differently, for whatever reasons.  For couples seeking a lighter load, I will be sharing on lighter weddings more often. If this is your vibe, follow along on Pinterest too.


Simple Wedding Crush

22 Jul

An elopement captured on video, a GREAT idea. Love the bride’s look.

Shared from Polka Dot Bride

Simple Wedding Crush

4 Jul


I am in love with how calm, natural, at ease and in the moment this couple (especially the bride) looks.

All images captured by jennifermendezphotography.com

All images captured by jennifermendezphotography.com

Polka dot bride featured a PHE.NOM.ME.NAL wedding the other day. The smart couple had their intimate family witness the promise of their union before they sat down to a sumptuous meal, great drinks and dancing. How amazing?! Mr N and I did half of this. Before our celebration in March, we were married at Home Affairs in January of the same year. After our signing, we were hosted at a celebratory tea and cake by my folks with exceedingly immediate family. Truth be told, if I had it to do over again, apart from straight up eloping, I would organise a better dress and a professional photographer. So very grateful there are others that have priorities in a similar order to mine. It’s reassuring 🙂


Gold Inspiration

24 Jun


Do you remember my first ode to gold? I mentioned that it was a recent fascination and that I would post more on this fabulous hue. I came across a cool inspiration shoot on Green Wedding Shoes and was delighted to learn it was locally produced and shot by South African vendors in Cape Town. Have you seen it? Two ticks for this proudly South African shoot, drenched in Gold.

Gold wedding dress?! Would love to see more of that on the scene.

Simple Wedding Crush

18 Jun

I haven’t yet featured my own wedding on this blog, for that I apologise. I will get to it soon. As well as posting images of our first house turned into a home (haven’t forgotten I promised to do so).

Today, I share a wedding I have a SERIOUS crush on. It makes my heart sing a beautiful song. This couple rock my world and their incredible details, outfits and natural photo’s (I personally struggle with the whole posing thing so we didn’t do it at our celebration and love the results). Those shoes. That dress with pockets!!!

As a fan of Erin Boyle and her work, her and her husband’s wedding looks and feels like the perfect reflection of their relationship. I feel the love seeping through these images and details. The simplicity of their choices allows the joy to be highlighted and the importance of their union is captured without clutter.

For more pictures and details, please visit the brides blog post about their wedding over on Reading My Tea Leaves .



12 Sep

When your vision isn’t understood, do not forsake it. Dare to do what you know, you know. The best dream encouragement I’ve read this week. Read it here. Aren’t all dreamers fearful adventurers?

image from piccsy.com

Real Wedding : Domonique and Richard Freemantle

23 May

Domonique and Richard hit it off as friends as soon as they met. After seven years of  love  and adventure, Domonique married her best friend. Their wedding was authentically theirs and the beauty of it is that their guests recognised it too. In her own words, Dom describes her journey into marriage.

Our wedding was held on Saturday 16th October 2011. The ceremony was held at Linden Methodist Church (I think it started at 15h00) and the Reception was held at Heia Safari Ranch in Muldersdrift. We served tea and cakes at the church after the ceremony as not everyone would be attending the reception. At the reception venue we served non-alcoholic welcome drinks and had a cash bar available. We had a braai menu of Steak, boerewors, pap en sous and an assortment of salads.

It’s hard to choose a favourite moment but if I had to, it would be the moment we took our vows. We looked into each others’ eyes and held hands tightly. I remember trying to block out everyone around me and focus on the promise I was giving and the words I was hearing. It was quite something. I didn’t anticipate how fast the whole day would go.  

What made our wedding uniquely ours was the venue we chose; it was a little more unusual than most. It suited our style and represented who we are and what we like (we are very outdoorsy and relaxed). Our wedding vehicle was our Land Rover Defender. We are very attached to this vehicle as it has taken us to some of the most beautiful places in our country. We even had one on our cake!

Our greatest challenge was trying to include all the important family members with the planning. We scheduled a list of tasks and delegated. Try not to stress about every little thing. Let other people do that. You need to make sure you enjoy your special day without any worries. Take in every moment because it goes really fast.

Being married is wonderful, but not without it’s ups and downs. Remember to be patient, kind, treat each other with respect and don’t sweat the small stuff! COMMUNICATE! It is very important to communicate.

Domoniques Little White Book :

Wedding Planner: Me and hubby

Cake maker: Hubby’s aunt

Florists: Hubby’s cousins and aunts

Caterer: Heia Safari Ranch

Dress Maker: Bridal Dreams

Videographer: A good family friend

Photographer: HenryB Photography

Make-up: My sister in-law

Hair: My sister in-laws hairdresser

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