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Still Here

30 Oct

APOS Blog Holistically Fabulous

Friends, I am still here.
It has been one great big adventure that I am looking forward to sharing with you when the time is right. In the meantime, Joanna from A Cup of Jo recently had a cool post about wedding night sex that made me laugh out loud. The bobby pins! Thought I’d share for those that hadn’t yet seen it. Our wedding night fell into the ‘spoke about it before and knew we’d be exhausted so we removed the pressure’ category. Thank you for checking in, hope all is well on your side xo


Gold Inspiration

24 Jun


Do you remember my first ode to gold? I mentioned that it was a recent fascination and that I would post more on this fabulous hue. I came across a cool inspiration shoot on Green Wedding Shoes and was delighted to learn it was locally produced and shot by South African vendors in Cape Town. Have you seen it? Two ticks for this proudly South African shoot, drenched in Gold.

Gold wedding dress?! Would love to see more of that on the scene.

Light Inspiration (Wedding Dress)

6 Mar


What a beautiful gift it is to be a lady. Today we celebrate beautiful dresses made for the quintessential lady. Simple, elegant and beautiful. First up is this stunner from J’Aton. The back of this dress is a show-stopper in itself. The neon detailing keeps it fun amidst the very serious business of being a show-stopper.












I do love this dress. The touch with the gloves! At the end of the day, the dress you wear on this significant day should speak to you the same way a house does when you walk in and know it’s home. It doesn’t have to be the popular choice but it has to be absolutely you.


Start with what You Know

11 Oct



14 Sep

I have never been an admirer of gold but something’s happened and I am suddenly crazy about it. Can’t get enough of it. I’m currently loving it as an accent. This will not be my final ode to gold.




All images from

Wedding Dress Inspiration

13 Sep

Eye-candy for the brazen bride 🙂 my favourite kind. Enjoy and be inspired to do it your way! Shine!


Reem Acra dress


Marchesa dress


The ever graceful Grace Kelly on her wedding day in a dress designed by Helen Rose


12 Sep

When your vision isn’t understood, do not forsake it. Dare to do what you know, you know. The best dream encouragement I’ve read this week. Read it here. Aren’t all dreamers fearful adventurers?

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